Brazilian pork wholesale suppliers , Distributors, Manufacturers  and exporters 

 Brazil pork wholesale suppliers , Exporters & distributors offers fresh frozen Grade "A" brazil frozen pork in various cuts or whole.

Brazilian pork wholesale suppliers registered with the federal inspection services (SIF)? 


Brazil pork wholesale suppliers state of the art slaughterhouses are registered with the federal inspection services (SIF) each with its own grow-out and cutting standards, with high-technology and total control in processes for the production of high-quality meat.


 Brazil pork wholesale suppliers have traceability control of the whole production process, that guarantees a fast response capability in case of customer complaint and related Covid situation.  The traceability allows us to track the products from the beginning and to adopt appropriate preventive and corrective measures when necessary.

The animals are reared with full sanitary control and total compliance with international animal welfare requirements. Pigs are reared with traceability in production and total veterinary control in the management of biological inputs.


 Brazil pork wholesale suppliers outstanding expertise in the intricacies of pork trade has left our company positioned as a world class brazil pork manufacturer & distributor ,  with continuous monitoring of the COVID-19 situation  along with the measures adopted to protect the workers in carrying out their duties.

As a top Brazilian frozen pork wholesale supplier, We take extraordinary measures to ensure you’re getting the absolute highest quality SIF verified Brazilian wholesale cuts of pork, , Exporting to various wholesalers, importers, food processing companies, distributors and grocery retail chains mainly in Russia, china, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Angola, Vietnam, Africa, Asian/European countries. 

This extensive supplier network, along with a deeply experienced customer specifications, ensures that we deliver the best product solution at the right value.

That's why customers come to us first when it comes to making Brazilian frozen pork bulk buying decisions. With decade old experience as a brazil pork supplier and distributor. You are guarantee of quality pork meat delivered on time from approved Sif along with all certifications

We remain your dedicated pork wholesale supplier from 1 container to 25 containers at any given time.

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Brazil Wholesale Cuts of Pork suppliers & Exporters 

We offer a variety of  premium selected Brazilian wholesale cuts of pork or  byproducts, depending upon the customer’s expectations and specifications.  The fresh pork  meat flesh is directly frozen and not kept on the shelf like other places, This way our pork meat remains bacteria free. From the moment the pork gets packed, it’s  placed in freezer to retain its freshness and flavor. Also, The pork meat  is cut such in such a way, that it remains in its shape and can be packed in a convenient way, that is vacuum sealed.


The wholesale cuts of pork we supply to major exporting markets ranges from frozen pork rib lets,  sternum bones to frozen pork hind feet and  pork knee bones., undergoing a permanent quality control and inspection before each shipment respecting on COVID Inspections and protocol.

Still not sure where to buy frozen pork meat in bulk?  Then we must tell you that we are the most accredited Brazil  pork wholesale suppliers, Manufacturers and distributors, who has confidence to adopt more traditional farming methods, producing unmatched and superior quality and more flavorsome frozen pork meat.